St. Mary’s Catholic School Students Recognized By LENRD For Poster Contest, One Listed As State Level Winner

NORFOLK – Several of Nebraska’s youth were listed among the winners of the Conservation Poster Contest.

According to a release from Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources (LENRD), “Healthy Forests = Healthy Communities” was the theme of this past year’s Stewardship Week and Poster Contest.

Trees and forests are critical to providing clean air and water, healthy soil, abundant wildlife habitat and valuable products we use every day. LENRD officials say it’s important that each of us do our part to care for trees.

The first-place posters in each category were sent on to the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD) in Lincoln for the State Competition.

The NARD announced that the Lower Elkhorn NRD had four winners at the State level this year. Students winning in the State competition include:

Grades K-1:  Monroe Crogan, Howells-Dodge

Grades 4-6:  Mariana Nexticapan Hernandez, St. Mary’s, Wayne

Grades 7-9:  Emma Canham, Norfolk High School

Grades 10-12: Myranda Hansen, Norfolk High School

These students will receive special recognition from the NARD in Lincoln. The winning posters from the State competition will be sent on to Las Vegas, Nevada for the National competition in February.

The Conservation Poster Contest is a fun way to help students connect with the world around them and use the theme to focus on things they can see and hear in their own backyard. LENRD officials look forward to seeing all the talent from the students again in the upcoming year.

The 2022 stewardship theme is “Healthy Soil: Healthy Life”. For more information on the poster contest, contact Julie Wragge, at or 402-371-7313.

Over 100 K-12th grade students participated in the contest. Trees, branches, and wildlife were some of the examples shown in the winning posters, created by students from across the Lower Elkhorn NRD’s 15-counties in northeast Nebraska.

The following winners will receive special recognition from the Lower Elkhorn NRD:

Grades K-1     

1) Monroe Crogan (Howells-Dodge)

2) Colton Praest (St. Wenceslaus, Dodge )

3) Ashtyn Ebeling (Howells-Dodge)


Grades 2-3

1) Noelle Heinen (St. Francis, Humphrey)

2) Milo Spieker (St. Mary’s, Wayne)

3) Brylie Reigle (St. Francis, Humphrey)


Grades 4-6

1) Mariana Nexticapan Hernandez (St. Mary’s, Wayne)

2) Haylie Hinrichsen (St. Wenceslaus, Dodge)

3) Emma Ortmeier (St. Wenceslaus, Dodge)


Grades 7-9

1) Emma Canham (Norfolk High School)

2) Skylar Indra (Norfolk High School)


Grades 10-12

1) Myranda Hansen (Norfolk High School)

2) Krista Beranek (Scribner-Snyder Community School)

3) Kolton Lingenfelter (Norfolk High School)


Maddie Muir, Kindergarten of St. Mary’s School in Wayne also earned a third place award.