Six injured in accident near 81/20 junction

RANDOLPH – Multiple people are recovering from injuries suffered in a two-vehicle accident south of Jerry’s Hilltop Sunday afternoon.

It happened south of the Intersection of Highways 81 and 20 near Randolph.

Two vans were involved in a T-Bone collision, drawing a response from Randolph and Osmond EMT’s as well as law enforcement from both Pierce and Cedar Counties.

Randolph Fire Chief Jim Scott said at the scene that six people were taken to Faith Regional Health Services Hospital in Norfolk…but he characterized the injuries as minor.

Chief Scott said it was an accident that looked at first like it would end up much worse.

“We got the jaws of life out and used it shortly,” Chief Scott told News Channel Nebraska. “But everybody was pretty easy to get out from the vehicles.”

“This is kind of a dangerous place,” Scott added. “We have signs on both ends now. It just seems like it’s a bad hill. It’s a bad place for accidents, but luckily this one didn’t have any fatalities.”

The accident shut down northbound traffic along Highway 81 while rescue officials worked at the scene.