Several Blood Types Reach Critical Low Level, Schedule A Blood Donation Today

SIOUX CITY, IA – As community blood drives continue to be held, there is a critical need for blood donations being called for.

According to a release from LifeServe Blood Center, massive transfusions have depleted the local blood supply.

LifeServe Blood Center is urging community members to schedule appointments to give blood as soon as possible with the blood supply now at a critically low level. Several blood types have less than a day of supply on the shelves to meet patient needs.

Numerous massive transfusions have taken place in Des Moines metro hospitals this week, severely depleting the community blood supply.  Situations like these can see one patient needing anywhere from 10-50+ units of blood.  For perspective, one blood drive collects an average of 25-30 units of blood.

LifeServe Blood Center officials do their best to keep a full supply of each blood type on the shelves at all times but situations arise where a single hospital patient can require significant amounts of blood. It is then hard to predict when a massive transfusion situation will occur which is why a consistent supply of blood is crucial. Having multiple massive transfusions in one week has been brutal on the community blood supply as the group hasn’t been able to replenish what has been needed as quickly as they would like.

In addition to massive transfusions, the resurgence of COVID in the area has impacted the mobile blood collection calendar in an extreme way. Fewer blood drives and low blood donor turnout in addition to the other struggles is what LifeServe is currently facing which has plummeted their blood supply levels.

Appointments for blood donation are required. Interested individuals can find convenient locations to schedule an appointment to give, either at a mobile blood drive near them or one of several LifeServe Blood Center locations. Appointments can be made online at or by calling 800-287-4903.

To help ensure the safety of blood donors and team members during this COVID-19 pandemic, LifeServe is enforcing several precautionary measures. Appointments are required to ensure social distancing between donors, team members, volunteers and visitors; if you’re donating at a mobile blood drive you’ll need to follow the hosting location’s mask requirements and if you’re donating at a LifeServe Donor Center those who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated are encouraged to wear a mask for the duration of their appointment. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided.