Services For Veterans Offered Tuesday In Wayne, Open To All Veterans And Spouses In Area

WAYNE – Plan on joining an outreach event hosted by the Omaha Vet Center and Wayne County Veteran Service Office this week.

The event will be held at the Wayne National Guard Armory (east Hwy 35) on Tuesday, October 20 from 3 until 7 p.m.

Brad Wieland is the Wayne County Veterans Service Officer and said the Omaha Vet Center will be in town for this program.

“We’ll discuss disabilities, how to apply for disabilities and how to do a claim,” said Wieland. “And we’ll talk about burial benefits and issues that you have from being in the military.”

Everything will be spaced out at the Armory as area veterans from neighboring counties are also invited to attend if you have any questions.

For those who haven’t seen Brad before, they should bring their DD Form 214 to help along with claims.

The Vet Center is a readjustment counseling service for combat veterans as they provide group, individual, marriage and family, drug and alcohol as well as and education and employment counseling for eligible veterans. Their services are of no cost to the veteran and the group can offer services in person, over the computer or over the phone.

Questions will be answered on VA benefits, VA healthcare, eligibility, claims assistance, state Veteran benefits, employment development and more Tuesday.

Wieland added his job is to do the claims for veterans and their families as the Wayne County Veterans Service Office offers a variety of different programs.

“Then again they get into Omaha and do what they call a comp hearing,” Wieland added. “I also help out with funerals. A lot of times people, it could be a spouse, goes into a nursing home or the veteran and they need aide and attendance. So, there’s another program that we apply for to help them out financially.”

The Wayne County Veteran Service office is the first stop for any veteran with questions about services or benefits.  Wieland can help assist with a wide variety of veteran programs and ensure veterans receive any help they need navigating the system.

David Conrad from the VA Hospital Business Office will also be in attendance Tuesday to check eligibility and enroll veterans for healthcare on the spot. He can also provide information on a broad variety of programs in the VA healthcare system. Robert Montag, Veteran Outreach Program Specialist is also scheduled to join Dan on the ‘View from Wayne America’ Tuesday morning just after 9 a.m. on Big Red Country and just after 6 p.m. on The City.

For further details, contact the Department of Veteran Affairs Vet Center Omaha Team at 402-346-6735.

Contact Wieland at 402-369-1419 for any other questions. The ‘View’ with Brad can be found under the ‘Podcasts’ tab of the ‘Community’ drop-down on