Senator Joni Albrecht’s Weekly Update For District 17

WAYNE – Senator Joni Albrecht exclaimed that it was a busy week at the Capitol. Numerous bills were debated and amended throughout the week.

The budget bill was debated on Monday and Tuesday of last week. The bill passed upon final reading and made it to the governor’s desk.

On July 29, two motions were made for a bill to move straight to first reading. There’s concern about the amount of time left in session and whether it’s enough time to get a bill passed correctly. Albrecht voted “No” for both motions.

One of those bills was the one that would require all towns with 5,000 or more people that employ one full-time police officer, to form a seven-person police advisory committee. Again, the senator stated that with so little time left in the legislative calendar, she was concerned about getting the bill done right. This motion passed and the bill will move on.

The second bill (LR 459) seeks to amend regulations within the meatpacking industry. LR459 is a proposed amendment to LB887. The bill will go toward public hearing at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 6.

Albrecht proclaimed that she understands the intentions of the bill, but doesn’t believe there is sufficient time. She thinks this bill wouldn’t allow for a fair hearing on the Legislative floor. The senator defended the largest Tyson Foods plant in Nebraska, which lies within District 17.

Albrecht asserted that she called the governor early on during the pandemic. She urged him to do more for getting messages to the meatpacking industry. After that call, the governor started doing updates twice a week in Spanish. The governor started to ramp up testing at this time. Albrecht stayed in contact with Tyson and they came back with a letter of employee commitment. She feels confident that the Tyson plant was acting with USDA and UNMC recommendations.

COVID-19 numbers in Dakota County started high due to the high volume of testing in that area. Later, positive test results started to decline. Albrecht congratulated residents of District 17 for their commitment toward slowing the spread of COVID-19.

The senator expressed her support for LB814. This is the bill that would ban dismemberment of an unborn child.

The second round of debate began for LB632. This is the Broadband Internet Services Infrastructure Act. Albrecht mentioned how important this bill is for District 17.

LB147 failed to move on by one vote. The senator worked on this bill for more than four years. LB147 would have been a tool for teachers to protect themselves and others for out-of-control students. She supported training involved with this bill and was sad to hear that it didn’t make it through.

Albrecht noted that much has been done, but there is still plenty to do. She alluded to property tax relief, the state’s new-businesses incentives, and aiding the University to pursue federal funding. Stay tuned, the senator alerted.

As always, Albrecht invited her constituents to share their ideas and/or concerns by calling her office at 402-471-2716 or by emailing her