Senator Joni Albrecht’s Weekly Update For District 17

WAYNE – The senator started by mentioning that she was honored to be a part of the unveiling of the newly named Nebraska Medal of Honor Highway. The unveiling took place in South Sioux City. It was U.S. Highway 20 that was renamed. She also wanted to thank Veterans who work hard to keep us free.

Albrecht noted that she was excited to take part in the Hoskins Fourth of July Parade. This was the only parade in District 17. She thanked Hoskins for making the parade possible and she looks forward to parades in the future.

The Forecasting Board will meet shortly after the legislature session resumes. In spite of the pandemic, revenue forecasts are about on track for this year. This is attributed to good financial leadership. Nebraska is still expected to fall short of the revenue projection due to decreased spending over the last few months.

Albrecht alluded to the effect of bills regarding COVID-19. She said that the lawmaking affect will be limited at the state level. This is because the bills that will be deliberated are ones from way back in January. Before the bills can be debated on the floor, it must go through a committee hearing. Any COVID influenced add-ons to existing bills will need to go through public hearing. Albrecht suggested that business reopening legislation will be addressed, but that will have to take shape in future legislation. She said the bottom line is that the earliest COVID-19 bills will hit the floor is January of 2021. There is hope that the most pressing issues will be addressed at the federal level in the meantime.

There’s a group of senators that are working on property tax relief reform. These senators continue to collaborate, even though change is very difficult. Albrecht proclaimed the need for lower property taxes because of the lack of fairness current property tax brings upon rural communities. There has been whispers of urban communities losing population and more people moving to rural areas, due to the pandemic. The senator stated that this makes Nebraska an attractive option. Therefore, we need to make our rural communities even more attractive and inviting. A friendlier tax structure is needed to go along with Nebraska’s balanced budget and strong fiscal structure. Senator Albrecht has made it known and continues to make it known that property tax relief is a high priority for her.

As usual Senator Joni Albrecht invited her people to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns with her by emailing to or by calling her office at 402-471-2716.