Senator Joni Albrecht Talked Signing Bills, Transportation & Telecommunication Committee In Her Latest Update

LINCOLN – Senator Joni Albrecht commented on the improving weather, mentioning that her and her husband, Mike, look forward to mild temperatures for calving season.

Hearings are wrapping up at the legislature. Next week is where Priority Bills will be set, and the senators decide which bills make it out of committee.

This is the senator’s third year on the Transportation and Telecommunication Committee. One of the biggest issues for the committee will be expanding broadband internet access throughout the state. Resolving this problem will help children at school and expand businesses to rural areas.

Railroad safety is another important issue for the committee. A bill is proposed that would limit the length of trains and address whether one person can sufficiently operate a train. Waiting for long trains causes inconvenience for people that live near railroads.

Two train companies in Nebraska, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) and Union Pacific are committed to enhancing Nebraska’s economy. For Union Pacific, this includes the Community Ties Giving Program. The railroad will invest in high-quality nonprofits and other community programs. Application submissions will be accepted from April 1 – May 31, 2021. For more information, click here. 

The senator began signing on other senator’s bills. These include…

LB4                 Briese                             Tuition Credit for Armed Forces

LB40               Groene                           Adopt the Nebraska Rural Projects Act

LB310             Clements                      Change Inheritance Tax Rates and Exemption

LB387             Brewer/Gragert          Change Taxation of Military Retirement

LB454             Friesen                           School Property Tax Stabilization Program

LB581             B Hansen                      Change Motorcycle Helmet Provisions

LR3CA           Slama                               Verification of Voter ID

LR11CA         Erdman                          Enactment of a Consumption Tax

Albrecht encouraged her constituents to share their thoughts and questions will her by calling 402-471-2716, or by emailing her at