Senator Joni Albrecht Talked About Opposed Bills, Health Standards In Latest Update

LINCOLN – This was the final week for Committee Exec Sessions at the Legislature. Priority bills have been selected. To find out which bills the senators chose for priority, visit

Albrecht mentioned some of the bills she has opposed recently. LB 255 is one of them. This is the Line of Duty Compensation Act. The senator wants to make sure the state is mindful of where its funds are going. She needs some questions answered before green lighting this bill.

LB 561 is another bill Senator Albrecht voted against. This bill would expand gaming regarding sports betting and KENO. Albrecht is concerned what may happen to families if gaming is expanded.

LB 88 changes the authority of who edits local school media. Students would have more authority. Albrecht fears this would create a forum where students can be easily coerced.

The Nebraska Department of Education released their draft for health standards. They will be reviewing recommendations from the people for the final updated health standards. The draft can be seen at this link. Feedback can be submitted here.

Senator Joni Albrecht encouraged her constituents to share their thoughts and ideas with her by calling her office at 402-471-2716, or by emailing her at