Senator Joni Albrecht Provides Revenue Committee Hearing Information, Lists Bill Remaining In Committee For Second Legislature Session

WAYNE – As the 107th Nebraska Legislature continues to make their way through the interim, District 17 Senator, Joni Albrecht and her staff will take a deep dive into their bills that are still in committee or potential new legislation.

According to a weekly release from the office of Senator Albrecht, she addressed the many interim studies taking place this session as she sits on the Revenue Committee which held several key hearings this past week.

They ranged from examining a potential Constitutional amendment to limit property taxation for schools to residential property only and the assessment procedures of county assessors throughout the state of Nebraska.

Other interim study hearings from other committees were the adequacy of current aged and disabled Medicaid waiver assisted-living provider rates; to examine the identification of at-risk and economically disadvantaged students as a qualification factor for state-funded, education-related programs; the school enrollment options available to students; the appropriations necessary for creating public health crisis zones and the healthcare workforce shortage in Nebraska.

Together Senator Albrecht and her staff are paying close attention to all Legislative Studies in order to determine how each issue could impact Nebraska. The group is being careful to stay on top of the issues because generally a Bill will follow each Legislative Study.

The Legislature will enter the Second Session of the 107th Legislature in January. At that time, senators will continue the legislative process with all bills introduced last year that remain in committee with a chance to come to the floor for debate. Senator Albrecht still has several bills remaining in the process below:

LB111- First Responders- defines and enacts criminal violations related to rioting, aggressive rioting, inciting riots, looting, assault on first responders; to prescribe penalties including, but not limited to, minimum sentencing, fines, and restitution.

LB112- Open Meetings- Requires that members of the public be afforded the opportunity to speak at any public meeting subject to the Open Meetings Act.

LB280- Insurance Board- amends legislation to eliminate a state residency requirement for the board of directors of an insurance company.

LB282- Obscenity Law- Repeals the exemption from prosecution for those in educational institutions providing obscenity to minors in grades K-12.

LB325- Art Therapy -would provide for licensing of qualified art therapists as Licensed Mental Health Practitioners and Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioners with a credential as a Certified Art Therapist.

LB523- School Bonding Authority- Clarifies that the special tax (building fund) could not be used to build a new school building, add additional footage to an existing school building, or purchase sites upon which new buildings will be located. School districts looking to use the building fund for those purposes must receive approval through a vote of its citizens at a general or special election.

LB596- Higher Blend Ethanol- Creates the Nebraska Higher Blend Tax Credit Act for Nebraska retail dealers that sell and dispense E-15 or higher blends.


District 17 Senator Joni Albrecht also wants to strongly encourage anyone interested in running for office to make sure to take a good look at the new redistricting maps to make certain you live in the District you are interested in representing. Candidate filing information for the 2022 election cycle will become available in November.

If you have any comments or concerns, contact Senator Albrecht at 402-471-2716 or email