Senator Joni Albrecht Proposed Four Bills To Start This Session, Working To Create Election Review Commission

LINCOLN – Wednesday, January 6, marked the beginning of the 107th legislative session in Nebraska. Senator Albrecht noted she will spend most of the session in Lincoln, while staying connected with her constituents. Albrecht will sit on the Revenue Committee and the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee this session.

She has added four bills to the docket so far. LB111 is “Our First Responders and Public Protection Bill.” This involves concerns for officer and public safety particularly during riots.

LB112 is the “Public Comment at Open Meetings Act Change,” which provides members of the public the right to speak at any meeting subject to the Open Meetings Act.

LB113 is Albrecht’s “DMV Bill.” This would make changes to licensing, registration, and other fees.

LB149 is the “State Patrol Bill.” This bill would prevent loss of funding for Nebraska’s patrol.

Senator Joni Albrecht will speak at the Nebraska Walk for Life event on Saturday, January 16. The walk is designed to raise awareness for the rights of unborn children. It will begin at 10 a.m. on the north steps of the Capitol.

Albrecht wants to assure integrity in Nebraska’s elections. She is working to create an Election Review Resolution commission to oversee elections and repair confidence in Nebraskan’s right to vote.

Former Legislative Aide, Cyndi Lamb, will serve as Legal Counsel for the Natural Resources Committee. Albrecht’s new aide will be Lisa Weeks.

Senator Joni Albrecht encouraged the people of District 17 to share their thoughts with her by email at, or by calling her office at 402-471-2716.