Senator Joni Albrecht Introduced Four Bills To Committee Last Week, Touched On Property Taxes

LINCOLN – Senator Joni Albrecht was thankful that legislative session was able to continue through the poor weather last week.

There were four bills introduced in committee hearings by the senator this past week. These bills include LB112, LB113, LB149, and LB280.

LB112 is the “Open Meetings Act.” This is designed to allow for more transparency between the people and governing bodies.

Albrecht’s “DMV Bill” or LB113 would make changes to licensing and fees for registering a new vehicle. The bill has approval from Kent Grisham, President of the Nebraska Trucking Association.

The “State Patrol Bill” or LB149 was heard by the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee.

LB280 would eliminate the law that states a Nebraska resident must be on the board of directors for insurance companies to legally operate in the state. This bill is known as the “Insurance Board Residency Bill.”

Property taxes remain a hot topic of discussion for this year’s legislative session. Albrecht supports lower taxes on property, according to her weekly release. Some politicians, schools, and counties want increasing property tax. This will continue to be a hot-button issue throughout the session.

Nebraskans can now submit written comments regarding current bills. Visit Nebraska Legislature – Home, to do so.

Senator Albrecht encouraged her constituents to share their thoughts and questions with her by calling her office at 402-471-2716, or by emailing her at