Senator Joni Albrecht Gives Update For District 17

WAYNE – A vaccine for COVID-19 is not far off, according to the senator. Still, she mentioned that the number of hospitalizations has declined over the last few days and more people are reportedly becoming immune.

In a report from Governor Pete Ricketts on Monday, November 30, he gave an update on some Nebraska COVID statistics.

There are 32 percent of hospital beds available, 36 percent of ICU beds available, and 68 percent of ventilators available. The Governor’s press briefings can be seen every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night live on NET or reviews at

Ricketts expects vaccines to be made available by mid-December, although Nebraskans must continue to make healthy decisions. He applauded the schools in Nebraska for making it safe for kids.

John Hilgert is the Director of Veterans Affairs and spoke at the Governor’s briefing. The director urged young people to stay vigilant. Many of the COVID-19 outbreaks in Veterans’ homes were due to younger caregivers being asymptomatic. Tele-visits are appreciated from people in the Veterans’ homes. Protecting the most vulnerable is paramount in the fight against Coronavirus.

It is important to avoid the three C’s – close contact, crowds, and confined spaces. Frequent handwashing, sanitizing surfaces, and social distancing are all ways to keep people safe.

The numbers for new COVID-19 cases for the period of November 20 – 27 were released in District 17. Dakota County had 89 cases, Wayne County reported 64, and Thurston County saw 49 new cases.

The next legislative session opens on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. This will be a 90-day session, but this is all subject to change.

Senator Albrecht’s office is reviewing reports and recommendations to enhance the ethanol industry. She will keep District 17 updated on what she decides to do in this regard.

The senator encouraged her constituents to share their questions with her by email at, or by calling her office at 402-471-2716.