Senator Joni Albrecht Explains New Legislation In Her Latest Update

LINCOLN – Senator Joni Albrecht began her weekly update by addressing LB111. Albrecht proposed LB111, which is designed to protect law enforcement and emergency care providers. She declared that society should hold individuals accountable for their actions.

LB280 removed an insurance company law that states a company must have a Nebraska resident on its board of directors to conduct business in the state.

Erin’s Law, or LB281, will provide students with four hours of body awareness training in grades K – 5. This would give students the resources to explain their abuse.

There is also a bill passed that will repeal liability exemption for educators that expose obscene material to under-aged students.

Another bill the senator mentioned will designate “Art Therapy” as its own mental health profession. Vulnerable populations can receive art-based therapeutic treatment certified by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Senator Albrecht did some investigation into Nebraska’s election process. She was relieved to see how thorough the election process was in the state.

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