Senator Joni Albrecht Discussed Numerous Bills, Educational Health Standards In Latest Update

LINCOLN – Senator Joni Albrecht’s priority bill for this session has advanced to select file by a vote of 32-0. LB 281 would require schools to practice four hours of age-appropriate body awareness training to prevent child abuse.

LB 113 would make changes to Department of Motor Vehicles titling and licensing requirements. The bill passed on final reading last week. Albrecht stated that this bill is important for the trucking industry across the state.

Albrecht was the lone “no” vote for the “In the Line of Duty Compensation Act.” She has unanswered questions regarding this bill, believing it should consider soldiers, teachers, doctors, nurses, and other important workers.

The senator shared concerns about LB 561, which would expand gaming in the state through KENO. She wants to make sure the gaming changes are employed carefully.

Nebraska’s Department of Education released a draft for updated health standards. They are taking opinions from the public. To view the draft, go here. Contribute feedback here here.

Senator Joni Albrecht encouraged her constituents to share their thoughts and questions with her by calling her office at 402-471-2716, or by emailing her at