Senator Deb Fischer Visits With Key Representatives From Wayne


WAYNE – Local discussion about what’s going on in and around the City of Wayne was highlighted during a recent roundtable event.

From the Beaumont Event & Concert Hall, Deb Fischer, United States Senator for Nebraska joined staff during a northeast Nebraska stop on Wednesday. This event was set up by Luke Virgil, Executive Director at Wayne Area Economic Development.

Senator Fischer had each individual who attended introduce themselves and talk about what’s happening in Wayne.

“Which is nice to be able to know that for example the schools are seeing an increase in population,” said Fischer. “Companies and businesses seemed to be in good shape. To hear that young people are coming back to Wayne with their families, that’s important for rural Nebraska.”

Just over 20 attended the roundtable discussion with Senator Fischer. Representatives included Wayne Community Schools, Wayne Sate College, City of Wayne, local banks, insurance, business owners and the medical field.

After visiting with Wayne constituents, Senator Fischer traveled to Norfolk for a roundtable on Precision Agriculture at Northeast Community College. A few years ago, Fischer was able to see their Precision Ag Program at Northeast and was looking forward to the event with a bill dealing with Precision Ag among her office.

Senator Fischer will be traveling back to Washington after the election next week but added what two of the main objectives are she wants to finish before the end of the year.

“Just looking at being able to pass the National Defense Authorization Act,” Fischer added. “We’ll be looking at a big Omnibus bill to be able to fund government. That’s something that I look at very carefully to see what’s all going to be put in that and how I’ll react to some of the programs that are in there.”

Senator Fischer is the second ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee. The National Defense Authorization Act would continue to provide military men and women with the resources that they need to complete their missions which is the #1 priority of the federal government.

A Cattle Market Transparency bill has also been worked on for about three years. This will help reform the market with the main objective being able to provide information about the cattle market to farmers and ranchers. This will also allow farmers and ranchers to use that information and make better market decisions for their operations and their families.

The general election is Tuesday, November 8. Senator Fischer encourages everyone to get out and vote and considers this as a responsibility as citizens of this great country.

“To be able to vote for the people that we believe should represent us,” Fischer mentioned. “In Washington, at the state level and especially at our local level. Whether it’s for city council, county commissioner, school boards, NRDs. These are all extremely important positions.”

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