Senator Albrecht Weekly Update

LINCOLN – Although the Legislative Session is adjourned, District 17 Senator Joni Albrecht will continue to provide her weekly updates as she recently addressed local, state and national information.

State Senators will be due back in January of 2021 when the next Legislative Session begins. Senator Albrecht will continue to review requests for legislation, talk and meet with constituents and stakeholders as well as get out into District 17 (Dakota, Thurston and Wayne counties) as much as possible ahead of harvest time.

Among the local portion of Senator Albrecht’s update, she reminded everyone that WSC has modified its 2020 Homecoming activities due to COVID-19. Some activities have been canceled, while others have been rescheduled for the spring and some are being held via zoom meetings.

Upcoming this weekend will be the 40th annual Wayne Chicken Show and Senator Albrecht says it may not look exactly the same as in previous years, as the event will take place at the Wayne County Fairgrounds.

As most are aware, schools in District 17 and throughout the State are each doing things differently. As will the health departments, Senator Albrecht’s office will be paying attention to the new numbers of COVID-19 positive tests as schools are open.

There will be a 9-11 ceremony at the Dakota City Fire Hall at 7 p.m. Senator Albrecht plans to be in attendance and hopes to see many District 17 residents there as well.  It is important to remember the lives lost, the heroic efforts of so many and the way we came together as a country to respond to the horrible attack on American soil.

Senator Albrecht also addressed ‘Forest Focus’; unemployment and Medicaid expansion among her State update while stating September is National Preparedness month.

To contact Senator Albrecht, call 402-471-2716 or email

Weekly Update