Senator Albrecht Updates On Vaccinations, Wayne State College

HOSKINS – Senator Joni Albrecht started her update with a message of hope looking ahead to the New Year. She hopes that businesses will thrive, and COVID-19 can be put in the rearview mirror in 2021.

There are new COVID-19 guidelines that took effect on December 24, 2020. This applies to 92 of 93 counties in Nebraska. Due to declining hospitalizations in the state, it is recommended that indoor gatherings limit to 75 percent capacity. The full detailed guidelines can be found at

As of December 23, there have been 15,462 healthcare workers that have been vaccinated. Nebraska expects to receive 86,000 total doses of vaccination by the end of the year.

Thurston County had 51 new Coronavirus cases from December 19 to December 24. Dakota County reported 40 positives in that period, while Wayne County had 18 cases.

Wayne State College is adding a Shotgun Sports Team. Hayley Long, a first-year student, is the founder of the club. They will compete against Midland, Doane, and Concordia within the state. The club is looking for a coach and sponsors. If interested in either, email Hayley at

Senator Joni Albrecht encouraged her constituents to share their thoughts and questions with her by email at, or by calling her office at 402-471-2716.