Senator Albrecht Provides Update From Legislature, Top 10 Of Nebraska Governor Budget And Legislative Initiatives  

WAYNE – As the month January moves past the halfway point, Nebraska District 17 Senator Joni Albrecht looks to continue to keep her constituents informed and involved in the Nebraska Legislature.

According to a release from the weekly report for Senator Albrecht, the 2nd Session of the 107th Legislature now provides a new tool for those interested individuals allowing them to submit their position statements online on pending legislation as soon as that bill is scheduled for a hearing.

Visit where viewers can read the text of bills introduced, search statutes, find a Senator’s webpage, follow the progress of Legislation, read the Unicameral Update and watch the Legislature live through video streaming.

Senator Albrecht said this is a wonderful tool and could be used by the Second House, the people of Nebraska, to weigh in on bills and resolutions as they move through the Legislative process.

“Simply enter a bill number in the search on the home page or click “Bills and Laws” to search for a particular bill. Once you are on the individual bill page, click “Submit Comments Online” to submit your position. For statements to be included in the official public hearing record as an exhibit, they must be submitted through the website prior to 12:00 p.m. CST on the last Legislative day prior to the public hearing.”

During the early stages of a new session, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts joined state legislators on the floor to welcome everyone back to Lincoln congratulating them on the commencement of the Second Session of the 107th Nebraska Legislature. “I appreciated Governor Ricketts’ budget recommendations and priorities for the 2022 Legislative Session. Governor Ricketts outlined opportunities for state leaders to grow Nebraska during the upcoming year.”

Senator Albrecht then went onto provide the top 10 items Nebraskans need to know about the Governor’s budget and legislative initiatives.

“Governor Ricketts brings bold, consistent leadership to our state. His aggressive goals for Nebraska greatly benefit our people and help ensure that Nebraska remains what America is supposed to be.”


  1. Controls State Spending: The Governor’s budget adjustment controls spending by limiting the State’s budget growth to 2.9 percent over the biennium.


  1. Delivers Income Tax Relief: Makes Nebraska more competitive with other states by reducing income taxes and taxes on job creators over the next three years. Accelerates the phase-in to fully exempt taxes on Social Security benefits within five years.


  1. Protects Property Tax Relief: Ensures the annual amount of property tax relief available through the Refundable Income Tax Credit remains at least $548 million per year.


  1. Strengthens Public Safety: Funds construction of a replacement for the deteriorating Nebraska State Penitentiary, invests in Corrections workforce pay increases, expands the Law Enforcement Training Center in Grand Island, and adds capacity at the State Crime Lab.


  1. Secures Nebraska’s Water Rights: Protects Nebraska’s water rights for generations to come by investing $500 million to construct a canal and reservoir system on the Nebraska-Colorado border along the South Platte River.


  1. Invests in Nebraska’s Water Resources: Recommends $200 million for projects presented by the Legislature’s STAR WARS Committee to grow the Good Life in tourism and recreation. Invests $23 million to repair the Ft. Laramie – Gering Irrigation Canal. Proposes $60 million to restore and protect drinking water systems in Nebraska communities.


  1. Improves Healthcare Capacity: Calls for $40 million to strengthen the state’s public health emergency response capabilities, $40 million to add healthcare facility capacity, $25 million for behavioral health and nursing assistance, and additional investments in health services.


  1. Develops Nebraska’s Workforce: Proposes $90 million to enhance workforce development programs at Nebraska’s community colleges and another $75 million to help communities build high-quality and affordable workforce housing.


  1. Addresses Economic Impacts of the Pandemic: Proposes site and building development in regions adversely affected by the pandemic and investment in shovel-ready projects delayed by the pandemic.


  1. Addresses Educational Impacts of the Pandemic: Secures funding for parents of low-income children who have experienced learning loss during the pandemic.


If you have any comments or concerns, contact Senator Albrecht at 402-471-2716 or email