Senator Albrecht Points Out Important Legislative Dates, Plans To Recognize Allen Beerman

WAYNE – As the 106th Nebraska Legislature began day one of their second session Wednesday, a northeast Nebraska state senator provides her first update of 2020.

According to a release from District 17 senator Joni Albrecht, she is settling back into her “home away from home” in Lincoln.

Senator Albrecht provided dates constituents need to be aware of as day four of the session on Monday, January 13 will begin debate of carry-over legislative from the 2019 session. Other January dates, on the 15th (Wednesday) Governor Pete Ricketts delivers his State of the State Address to the Legislature; the 22nd (Wednesday) Chief Justice Heavican delivers the Nebraska State of the Judiciary Address to the Legislature and the 23rd (Thursday) is the Last day to introduce new bills for consideration in this Legislative session.

The 60-day 2020 Legislative session will come to an end on Thursday, April 23 as any bills that do not see final decisions by the last day of session will not carry over to the 2021 session.

Senator Albrecht will also look to recognize one of Dakota county’s own being Allen Beerman who is retiring this year after 55 years of service to the State of Nebraska. She plans to introduce a Legislative Resolution in Mr. Beerman’s honor who was born and raised on a farm in Dakota County. A graduate of South Sioux City high school he spent 30 years at the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office (longest serving in history) and then embarked on 25 years at the Nebraska Press Association.

From being appointed as a Nebraska Diplomat by Governor Nelson in 1993 to being the first civilian recipient of the Homeland Defense Ribbon, presented by Governor Mike Johanns and Adjutant General Roger Lempke in 2003, Allen Beerman has continued his distinguished service to all Nebraskans. Mr. Beerman certainly would be justified in retiring immediately, true to his character, he has agreed to stay on in the position until someone else is hired for the position and to help with the transition and training of that individual.

With the Legislative in session, Albrecht does spend a lot of time in Lincoln but can be reached by phone (402-471-2716) and email ( to set up visits when she is back in northeast Nebraska with her constituents.