Segment Updates Posted For US-275 Between Norfolk And Fremont

NORFOLK – An update was provided from the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) in late November about a northeast Nebraska expressway.

According to the NDOT, the release portrayed the ongoing efforts to convert the remaining 48 miles of US-275 between Norfolk and Fremont from a two-lane highway to a four-lane expressway. The expansion will increase capacity and support economic growth along a key roadway connecting Nebraska’s northeast communities to the state’s urban hub.

Officially created in 1988, the Expressway System was designed to link communities to the Interstate System using four-lane highways. The NDOT prioritized the remaining segments along the US-275 corridor during the selection processes for the Build Nebraska Act and the Transportation Innovation Act. Due to the state’s infrastructure investments, all four segments of US-275 are funded for design or construction.

Visit the below link to view more information about the segment updates from US-275 Scribner to West Point; US-275 Norfolk to N-15 to Wisner and Wisner to West Point (west of Pilger).

Segment Updates