Seat Belts, Masks Equally Important To Wear During COVID-19 Pandemic

LINCOLN – The Nebraska Department of Transportation and Highway Safety Office along with state and local law enforcement want to remind Nebraskans to wear their seat belt to reduce motor vehicle injuries and fatalities with COVID-19 restrictions loosening.

In a release from the Nebraska DOT-HSO, Scottsbluff Chief of Police Kevin Spencer exclaims, “our officers see the effects of unbuckled driving every day, and it’s tragic.”

Nebraska averages one road fatality every day and a half.  Of the 175 fatalities in 2018, sixty-six percent were unbuckled. During the 2019 Click It Or Ticket campaign, 936 Nebraska law enforcement officers issued tickets for 310 seat belt offenses and 40 child passenger restraint offenses.

Seat belts, when used, reduce the risk of fatal injury for front-seat occupants by forty-five percent. Occupants of a light truck reduce risk by sixty percent. Wearing a seat belt is the single most effective thing anyone can do to prevent injury or death in a motor vehicle crash.

From the release, Douglas County Sheriff Timothy Dunning asserts, “wearing a seat belt may very well mean the difference between life and death.”

Nebraska’s seat belt law outlines that each front seat passenger should correctly wear a seat belt. The child passenger safety law requires that children be rear facing until two years of age. The law also states that all children under the age of eight must ride in a federally approved child safety seat and in the back seat.

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