School Board Holds Budget Hearing, Discusses Old School District 83 Location In Closed Session

WAYNE – Board of Education members at Wayne Community Schools went through their budget process during a regularly scheduled meeting earlier this week.

From the Wayne Jr/Sr High School library, board members opened with their budget hearing Monday evening.

Wayne Community Schools will be attending a joint public tax request hearing on September 20 at the courthouse at 6:30 p.m. in which the public will have the opportunity to attend.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Lenihan said if there is a 2% growth rate or more in their tax request there’ll be a joint public tax hearing.

“It’s a new legislation that is out,” said Dr. Lenihan. “The idea is any public entity that collects taxes that is raising their tax request at a certain level based on your property values, they have this joint public hearing, so people don’t have to go to four different hearings.”

The tax rate will decrease three cents from about a $1.08 to $1.05 as the assessed valuation went up 10%.

The total request is about $720,000 more with about $400,000 in the building fund pertaining to a couple of projects next summer.

A special board meeting will be scheduled for September 26 to approve the budget before being due on September 30.

Board members also went into executive session pertaining to the old school district 83 rural school. The school district owns this property located 13 miles west and a mile south of Wayne.

“It hasn’t been in operation for a long time,” Dr. Lenihan added. “So, we just had a discussion, and actually went into closed session to discuss that property and potentially looking at what we wanted to do with the property.”

No action was taken on this agenda item as school attorney Eric Knutson will research some possibilities for the area that is about an acre in footage.

A policy on standards was also updated in new business as the State Board of Education passed the new math standards.

Dr. Lenihan mentioned the policy reads the school district will adopt the state standards in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

“Then all the other standards we don’t have to adopt the state standards, we certainly can, but those four,” Dr. Lenihan mentioned. “We either have to adopt the state standards or we have to have our standards that we can show are as rigorous or more rigorous than what’s in the state standards.”

The state standards align with the state assessments.

First reading was approved for updating the year for English Language Arts of 2014 and Math for this year.

Among Superintendent reports, Dr. Lenihan provided an enrollment summary being 999 students for birth to 12th grade. Last year the district enrollment was at 994.

File_  22-23 # Enrollment

Board members Justin Davis (Level III), Jaime Manz (Level III), Jodi Pulfer (Level IV) and Sylvia Ruhl (Level III) were recognized at the 2022 Area Membership meeting on August 31 for Board member awards of achievement.

A special board meeting is being scheduled for Monday, September 26 at 5 p.m. while the next regularly scheduled Wayne Community Schools Board of Education meeting will be on Monday, October 10.

‘View from Wayne America’ with Dr. Mark Lenihan: