Scholarship Campaign Launch, Renovation Celebration, Ribbon Cutting All Highlighted On Homecoming Friday


WAYNE – With alumni of Wayne State College making a return throughout homecoming week and weekend, the campus was put on full display Friday afternoon.

Starting with a campaign launch party highlighting the $30 million “Invest, Empower, Transform” Scholarship Campaign, attendees were able to hear how scholarships impact WSC students.

Wayne State Foundation President, Kevin Armstrong led the afternoon event in the Willow Bowl. Several students, honorary chairs and campaign committee members spoke to the crowd including President Marysz Rames.

“Wonderful day to celebrate our generous donors and friends who continue to do great things to help support our students and help Wayne State serve as that gateway of opportunity,” said Dr. Rames. “So, that started off the afternoon, it was phenomenal.”

Since last month, WSC Foundation has raised $23.5 million and are now moving into the public phase for the final $6.5 million. They are in year four of five of their campaign that started in 2019 and will end in 2023 that will mostly provide incoming students an option to choose WSC and able to renew their scholarships for four years.

The WSC marching band then led the group from the Willow Bowl to the Peterson Fine Arts building where a celebration renovation ceremony was held. Then after that, the afternoon event concluded at the newly renovated Benthack Hall for a ribbon cutting and open house which was completed earlier this fall.

“Well, we discussed today (Friday) that Peterson obviously is underway (and) we need to sure up those scholarships as part of the campaign,” Dr. Rames added. “Then right now we are doing a master plan on campus, so we’ll start looking at what next projects need to come forth based on what we need to do to provide students with that well-rounded education.”

Dr. Ron Holt also introduced the Marysz Rames Endowment Scholarship which came to a surprise to Dr. Rames.

“We spend all this time asking people to give and be a part of it and certainly my husband and I have given annual gifts but never anything in my name,” Dr. Rames mentioned. “So, this was a real special day for me and just really meant a lot to me; I really appreciate Ron Holt.”

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