Sanctuary Apartments ‘Breaks Ground’ Wednesday, Former Church Building To Be Repurposed


WAYNE – An extensive remodel is under at Sanctuary Apartments in Wayne.

Wednesday afternoon showcased a groundbreaking event at the former First Baptist Church located at 4th and Main Streets.

This remodel will also include an update and repurposing to become the new Sanctuary Apartments.

Matt Ley said a group of some like-minded individuals were brought together to try and save the building.

“So, we talked to the church, of course they wanted to save the building too,” said Ley. “We got a few investors together and we bought it and put some things in place that now we’re going to turn it into some really nice apartments. Something that I think the city was kind of missing a little bit with some high-end apartments for professors or professionals, or retired people or regular people.”

The former church was built in 1909, but last year its congregation decided to sell the building due to expenses associated with upkeep.

Ley added there’ll be six different units.

“There’s going to be two 3-bedrooms, two 2-bedrooms and two 1-bedrooms,” Ley added. “The sanctuary itself is going to be cut in half and that’s going to be turned into a two-level 3-bedrooms those will be the big ones that literally look really cool and awesome but the whole thing is going to look great.”

The new Sanctuary Apartments will preserve the exterior of the building as it is remodeled. The brick building also features 49 original stained-glass windows, almost all of which will be kept in the new design.

The architect for the remodel is Roy Ley with Hoke Ley, an architecture and interior design firm in Lawrence, Kansas. Roy has already designed several buildings in Wayne, including State Nebraska Bank & Trust’s Main Branch in downtown Wayne and its SNBuilding at 1010 Main Street. The general contractor is Otte Construction from Wayne as well as local and regional contractors will be used as much as possible throughout construction to help support the northeast Nebraska economy.

Ley mentioned this is really a labor of love.

“It’s more just to keep this building, give the city something that we feel like it’s always needed and then go from there,” Ley mentioned. “Again you want to have something that lasts a long time and we think this is just going to always be a new piece of the community and we’re really excited.”

With Wednesday afternoon being day one during the early demo work, the group aims to have construction completed by late summer of 2023.

For more information about the Sanctuary Apartments, contact Matt Ley at 402-375-1130.