Rural Wayne Resident, James Simpson, Wins Nebraska Eagle-Scout-Of-The-Year Award

WAYNE – James Simpson of rural Wayne has been selected as the 2020 Eagle-Scout-of-the-Year in Nebraska. Simpson, 18, was chosen for this award by the Nebraska American Legion. He will receive a cash reward of $500 for his accomplishments.

James Simpson was picked as Nebraska Eagle-Scout-of-the-Year last year, too. This year, he finished runner-up at the national level. That comes with a $2,500 scholarship. Simpson, who graduated this May from Breeze Hill Academy – Home School, will be attending Hillsdale College in Michigan this fall. He plans on majoring in American History and Government with the dream of becoming a constitutional lawyer. Simpson explained why he wants to get into this field.

“I think if a people don’t know their history, they’re bound to repeat their mistakes,” he said. “I think government is also interesting and important because it affects basically every facet of our life right now.”

Simpson is currently serving as an Assistant Scout Master for the Boy Scouts. He mentioned what he does for Troop 174.

“I’m trying to help out the troop in any way possible,” Simpson voiced. “Sometimes lead meetings, help scouts possibly with advancing through the ranks, things like that.”

He has been with the Troop 174 Boy Scouts since he was in first grade. Simpson became an Eagle Scout in September of 2017. James Simpson expressed why he got into the Boy Scouts and what makes the organization useful.

“You get to learn the great skills of leadership, survival, first-aid,” he stated. “Things which help you in the real world and help you in your life.”

The ceremony where Simpson would have accepted the Nebraska award was to be held at the American Legion Gathering in Kearney. The national function is held at Indianapolis every year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, neither event will be put on this year.

Some of his hobbies include being outdoors and camping. Also, he’s a member of the Wayne County Sharp Shooters, 4-H club, and volunteers at Grace Lutheran Church. Simpson is active in orchestra and enjoys shooting competitions.

James Simpson is the son of Jeffery and Colleen Simpson and he would like to give a special thanks to Post 252 in Winside for helping him get to where he is now.