Resolutions, Ordinances To Take Over City Council Agenda

WAYNE – Members of Wayne City Council will hold their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, November 6 from the Council Chamber in the City Hall.

Two requested items will open the agenda at 5:30 p.m. as Doug Carroll is looking to name the weight room at the Community Activity Center after the late Bob Keating while Dave Hix at Wayne State College is requesting to purchase city pavers/bricks.

The water and sewer service and use rates will be amended along with bids being addressed.

For the contract on the demolition of Riley’s, the City of Wayne received three bids ranging from $36,800 to $149,428.84. Also, only one bid was sent in for the Southview II – Ditch Grading Project.

Other resolutions that will be talked about include the “2018 Wayne Pedestrian Curb Ramp Project”, “Sanitary Sewer System Extension – South Windom Street Project” and the sale of the City’s railroad right-of-way property.

Ordinances to be discussed include directing the sale of the City’s railroad right-of-way property while amending Wayne Municipal Codes pertaining to regulations on public places being kept clean as well as prohibitions and enforcement on a stop sign location.

Action items will feature two change order and a pay estimate for the “2nd Street Storm Sewer Improvement Project” to Robert Woehler & Sons Construction Company, Inc. and a pay application for the “Wayne Golf & Country Club Clubhouse Improvement Project” to OCC Builders, LLC.

Change Order number two will be for an increase of $4,087.50 to adjust the manhole grade and number three being an increase of $4,164 for the installation of a curb which brings the total dollar amount of the change orders to $27,867.50. Pay estimate number four for the project is $76,978.54 form the work done and approved by the Project Engineer.

Pay application number seven at the Wayne Country Club is $65,851 for the work done and approved by the Project Engineer.