Request Items See Approval, Council Ends Meeting By Talking Cemetery Road Repairs

WAYNE – Councilmembers took action on a pair of discussion items early during the regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting Tuesday evening.

From the North Meeting Room (NMR) in the City Auditorium, City of Wayne staff and council heard from both Mark Janssen as well as Nick and Amanda Hawthorne.

Council approved to waive the certified engineer’s statement but kept the cash bond for Janssen to move the 527 Brewhouse Coffee Shop building with a new Scooter’s building coming to town. The cash bond in the amount of $10 per square foot of the ground floor level of the structure would be approximately $4,000 and would be given back once the building leaves town. This is to protect the City of Wayne from any damage to streets or if the building loses its structural integrity.

Janssen stated the height of the structure on the trailer would be 14’9” and will go about three-quarters of a mile out of town until it can be sold as about five people were looking to purchase it. The building needed to be moved by August 14.

The Hawthorne’s were also making a request to install a fence on City of Wayne property at 806 Neihardt Avenue of Western Ridge and square up their lot.

Council approved the easement to move the lot line from 19-feet to 28 feet with the understanding that if the City needed to access that area it would be at the expense of the owners if needed to be removed. There is also a large concrete storm sewer that runs in-between the backyards of houses in the Western Ridge subdivision.

Travis Meyer with the Wayne Airport Authority was also in attendance. The airport is a taxing authority in the City of Wayne and Greater Wayne Area as they came forward with their annual request which saw about a 3% increase now to $76,800 which was approved by council.

Meyer addressed the council that the Flying Club is gaining ground with 18 members. He said they’re onto phase II of the taxi way and are in the final stage of phase I with just retainage remaining. With no Oshkosh Air Show this year, fuel sales were also down.

Council also addressed more on their budget during a second work session where finance director, Beth Porter provided more information. A discussion item about improving cemetery roads was also brought up as the westernmost street is in poor shape with more information still needed to be worked out.

A public hearing will take place in the first meeting of September before finalizing the budget.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, August 18 at 5:30 p.m. from the Community Activity Center Community Room.