Red Kettles Can Be Found In Several Wayne Businesses, Salvation Army Bell Ringers At Others Beginning This Weekend

WAYNE – The familiar Salvation Army red kettles and bell ringers return in late November throughout Wayne.

According to a release from the Wayne Salvation Army Extension Unit, they’ll be holding their annual Red Kettle campaign each Friday and Saturday from now until December 21.

The red kettles and bell ringers will be located at Quality Foods, Bomgaars and Pac N Save. The public is also encouraged to look for small red kettles at Copy Write, Bank First, Flower Cellar, G’s, JB Mart, Rain Tree, State Nebraska Bank, Swans, Swans for Men, Tacos & More, The Jug Store, The Table, U Save Pharmacy, Vel’s Bakery and Wayne Greenhouse.

Members with the Wayne Extension Unit thank these local businesses for supporting the Red Kettle Campaign.

Churches, service organizations, youth groups and others have been invited to participate in the bell ringing project. The only requirements for bell ringers are to be friendly, dress warmly, smile easily, say thank-you and ring the bell.

The bell ringing campaign is the primary fundraiser for the Wayne Extension Unit where 90% of the funds collected remain in Wayne and assist with housing, utilities, medical, transportation and other needs of families and individuals.

This year the Wayne SA Unit sponsored an Easter project which provided gift cards for local grocery stores to 16 families. Another project was a back to school drive for school supplies for elementary children. The project was very successful and helped more than 70 children with backpacks and school supplies where supplies were also donated to elementary teachers at the beginning of the school year.

The Salvation Army would like to thank all the volunteer bell ringers as well as those who give so generously to the Red Kettle Campaign. For more information or to volunteer as a bell ringer contact Pastor James Seal at Calvary Bible Church at 402-375-4946 or email