R. Perry And Prairie Park Project Updates Shared, Council Goes Into Executive Session For Two Agenda Items

WAYNE – Along with updates on the R. Perry and Prairie Park Projects, Wayne City Council also went into executive session twice during their Tuesday evening regularly scheduled meeting.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, the board first set a mini-retreat for Tuesday, November 29 at 5:30 p.m. This meeting, open to the public, will be held at the Wayne Fire Hall and is normally scheduled when there is a fifth Tuesday in a month.

Councilmembers then approved payment number two in the amount of $28,447 to OCC Builders, LLC for the Freedom Park Trailhead Project. Freedom Park is located at the old swimming pool area near the intersection of Lincoln and West 13th Streets.

With materials slowly being received the floor heat has been completed and the contractor will be looking to pour concrete this week and have also been cutting the new doors in the current structure. With the winter months quickly approaching another project that is on the timeline is next tearing off the roof and preparing for the winter.

As the discussion between Wayne Community Schools and the City of Wayne continues about the future of the Community Activity Center land, Mayor Cale Giese spoke with Superintendent, Dr. Mark Lenihan recently. Councilmember Brent Pick also attended last week’s facility meeting and school officials are looking more into the land just west of the CAC parking lot where a current tree orchard and practice field is located.

A one level pre-k through 2nd building could be contructed and have enough room to expand for other grades. Another facility meeting is scheduled for November 10.

The Bradley J. Woehler and Bradley F. Roberts vs. City of Wayne litigation matter was recently dismissed from court. Mayor Giese signed a document and a signature will be added from R. Perry Construction stating they will now counter sue unless sued again.

Plenty of dirt has already been moved as the R. Perry Construction project is underway bringing in an apartment complex along 4th street near the upper rugby fields.

The contractor will have one pad poured this fall and maybe a second pad depending on weather. Tentatively, rental applications will be accepted in March of 2023 with a goal to have an August move-in next fall. R. Perry has also set a goal to have the second structure complete by the end of 2023.

A pile of top soil has been placed in the old lagoon area which will be utilized for new ball fields and some added back to the apartment complex area as backfill.

During the Prairie Park discussion, crews will need to dig down a few feet to construct the new lake and stockpile the clay to pack as a liner as the lake is constructed. Councilmember Jason Karsky said a 60% engineer design meeting was held last week as they continue to move along.

With a few adjustments to roadways to keep pedestrians safer and the removal of a round-a-bout more decisions will need to be made in future meetings. Prices will still need to be compared on the storm sewer/piping of run-off water vs. a swale which is a wide ditch to collect the water and fairly shallow. The group will also need to figure out if they will curb the parking lot, work on a pump location and create a temporary road to allow community members to drive into the Wayne Softball Complex and Dog Park area while avoiding the construction zone.

A meeting will be held again this month for the 90% design phase with a final meeting scheduled in December before bidding out specs as Olsson is planning for a spring build.

A notice has also been sent out that the current rugby equipment at the field needs to be removed by November 30.

Councilmembers went into executive session for the final two agenda items. No motion was made during the purchase of the Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation building (513 Main Street) or parking lot (517 Logan Street).

A motion was made after closed session for the purchase of property from First Methodist Church of Wayne, located just to the north of the Ameritas building. Council approved to authorize in having City of Wayne staff negotiate the price discussed in closed session with the church. In a past meeting, this would also be contingent on the possible purchase of the Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation building since the lots are attached on the corner of Main Street and 6th Street.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, November 15 at 5:30 p.m.


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