Public Hearings, Proposal To Design Old Lagoon Area Into Recreation Approval On City Council Agenda

WAYNE – A pair of public hearings will make up the Wayne City Council regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, May 3.

From the council chambers inside City Hall at 5:30 p.m., Dr. Marysz Rames, President of Wayne State College will provide an update to open the meeting.

An action item on a Liquor License Manager Application of Joshua C Sievers for the Wayne Hospitality Group, LLC (Cobblestone Hotel) will follow.

Greg Ptacek is applying for a Class Z (micro distillery) liquor license as a public hearing will take place for the application from Johnnie Byrd Brewing Company. A micro distillery is a small distillery established to produce beverage grade spirit alcohol in relatively small quantities being 10,000 or fewer gallons of liquor annually.

A second public hearing will highlight a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) – Owner-Occupied. After the Wayne Community Housing Development Corporation (WCHDC) was determined not eligible by the DED, the City of Wayne could submit an application for the funds.

All CDBG funds will benefit low-to-moderate income persons in the community and no persons or businesses will be displaced as a result of this project. More information will be provided during the public hearing which is for a submitting request for the release of funds to undertake the project.

A final action item will pertain to approving a proposal from Olsson to work with the ‘Stool to Cool’ Task Force to design the old lagoon area into recreation. Approval is needed to start placing amenities into a 3-D world. This design process would be completed in 8-10 weeks and come back in front of council for formal approval.