Public Hearings Pertaining To Budget On Council Agenda

WAYNE – After opening with a presentation from Utility Service Partners, Inc. the regularly scheduled Wayne city council meeting will look at several ordinances and resolutions on Tuesday, September 3.

From the council chambers inside the City Hall, the meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. The presentation will cover how property owners can be insured for problems arising with their utility lines (water and sewer) from the City’s main to the home. A service is also available to insure plumbing within the property. The City of Wayne can earn a small amount back from each service agreement.

Ordinances pertaining to fireworks discharge; vacationing of an alley located in the City of Wayne; authorizing the issuance of Highway Allocation Fund Pledge and Refunding Bonds as well as a pair of municipal codes are on the agenda.

Public hearings are also scheduled for a budget hearing and tax asking/property tax levy as there were no changes from the budget work session. Beth Porter, finance director will be present to answer any questions. Councilmembers will look to adopt the 2019-20 budget, set the property tax request and approve the annual appropriation bill.

Council will then look over a bid for the Hank Overin Field lighting project; approve the bid and award of the Wayne Trail – Phase 2 Project contract and take action on a change order for the “2018 Pedestrian Curb Ramp Project” which would extend the substantial and final completion dates on the project.