Public Hearing To Obtain Community Input, Revolving Loan Funds Being Requested For Six-Unit Apartment Complex

WAYNE – Mayor of Wayne, Cale Giese will be making an appointment for Ward 2 Councilmember ahead of a public hearing Tuesday evening.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, the meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday’s public hearing will be made available to obtain public input on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) “Pine Heights Road & Utility improvements Project”.

The City of Wayne was awarded $435,000 of CDBG Public Works (PW) funds, of which $400,000 will be used for infrastructure improvements, $25,000 will be used for general administration and $10,000 will be used for construction management. The estimated cost of the street improvements is $916,230. To date, $267,905 of CDBG funds have been expended.

All CDBG funds will benefit low-to-moderate income persons in the community (no persons will be displaced as a result of this project). A requirement of this grant process is to have a second public hearing to solicit public input on how the grant funding was used as Jan Merrill with Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District will be present to answer questions Tuesday evening.

With the current contract end date scheduled for November 21, 2021, the City of Wayne will need to request a six-month extension for a completion date now of May 21, 2022. The reasons for the extension request are rain and lack of adequate workforce causing delays in construction activities as the substantial portion of this project will be completed before the end date. JEO Construction Group believes that the smaller items such as stripping and landscaping will need to be completed in the spring of 2022.

The City of Wayne was also awarded up to $303,000 in an agreement with Northeast Nebraska Economic Development for General Administration of CDBG funds. These funds will be used for repurposing a currently unused shower house into a four-season recreational facility for events such as picnics, Boy and Girl Scout meetings and family reunions, as well as to create an Americans with Disabilities Act accessible trailhead and connect the established trail system for Wayne.

An amount of $25,000 will be used for general administration and $10,000 for construction management. The total project costs are estimated at $383,400, and local matching funds of $80,400 will be provided by the City. The project site is College Hill Park, formerly City Pool Park, located at the corner of West 13th and Lincoln Street in Wayne.

Luke Virgil, Executive Director with Wayne Area Economic Development (WAED) has included a letter for councilmembers on recommendation of LB840 Revolving Loan Funds. This application if from Sanctuary Apartments, LLC requesting $400,000 to renovate and repurpose the former First Baptist Church building located at 400 Main Street and convert it from a church into a six-unit market-rate apartment complex in downtown Wayne. Matt Ley, managing member of Sanctuary Apartments, LLC will be at the meeting to answer any questions.

Council will then act on a Contractor’s Application for Payment number four in the amount of $324,613.27 to Myers Construction, Inc. for the “Pine Heights Road & Utility Improvements Project”.

Also, councilmembers will look to adopt the official City of Wayne ward map which the City of Wayne can do so every ten years. Staff is recommending the redistricting of wards so that the average number of voters in each ward would be approximately 1,493, up from 1,415 ten years ago.