Public Hearing Pertaining To Opening Grass Alley For Traffic, Sidewalk Installation Discussion On Chicago Street To Highlight Council Meeting

WAYNE – A couple annual request items will be brought forward by Wayne Area Economic Development along with a public hearing on the regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, this evening’s meeting will open at 5:30 p.m. with an action on the Mayoral appointment of Amy Bloomquist to the Wayne Public Library Board.

A second reading will follow on an ordinance to authorize the release and abandonment of the 14 foot utility easement between lots 3 and 4, block 6 in the Vintage Hill 3rd Addition. The applicant is Nick Junck.

An upcoming event being put on by WAED will be Christmas in Main Celebration/Annual Parade of Lights set for Thursday, November 17. Resolutions in front of council will acknowledge the Nebraska Department of Transportation requirements for the ‘Temporary Use of the State Highway System for Special Events’ as well as prohibiting parking in the 200 and 300 blocks from 5:30 – 8 p.m. on November 17 for the event.

Johnathan Webb has requested a public hearing in hopes to open the alley for traffic behind his property at 319 South Nebraska Street. The City of Wayne has other grass alleys in town where there are utilities, but are only used when maintenance on the utility is needed.

If approved to open the alley for traffic, the same would have to be leveled and graveled at the City’s expense. However, when the time would come to add additional gravel., as with other alleys, the same would be cost-shared 50/50 by the adjoining property owners if they sign a petition and agree to the same.

A trio of resolutions items will follow directing the City Clerk to certify mowing costs to the Wayne County Clerk and Wayne County Treasurer to become a lien on three properties. They include 208 West 10th Street (Lena Roberts); 105 West 4th Street (Bradley and Lena Roberts) and 120 West 9th Street (Bradley and Lena Roberts).

With construction taking place on Chicago Street, councilmembers would like to discuss sidewalk installation and if this is the time to require sidewalks.

An update on the Bradley J. Woehler and Bradley F. Roberts vs. the City of Wayne litigation matter will conclude the Wayne City Council meeting tonight.