Providence Medical Center Announces New Construction Project

WAYNE – A two-phase project is underway at Providence Medical Center with a remodel and addition.

Darland Construction Company, who has done the last two projects at PMC, will lead the charge on the $13 million PMC Imaging, Surgery and Clinic Remodel and Addition.

As the administrative team has been working on the design the last couple of years to improve the radiology and outpatient department Jim Frank, CEO at Providence Medical Center is excited to announce a new construction project is underway.

“We’re just getting ready for construction,” said Frank. “We’re in the process of getting ready to demolish the big ambulance garage that kind of sets out front on the southeast corner of the hospital. Once that comes down, you’ll see an addition come out to the south.”

The project at PMC consists of approximately a 19,885-sf addition as well as a 19,792-sf remodel of existing facility. The addition will extend into the southeast parking lot and create new space for the new Outpatient Clinic, Radiology and Main Entry.

Due to construction, the Outpatient Clinic entrance will be closed temporarily. Patients will need to enter through the main hospital entrance (door 5) until further notice.

“Now we’re also asking that people pay attention throughout the summer,” Frank added. “Because there may be changes to that, there may be different access points but, of course, we’ll keep everybody up to date on that.”

PMC is looking to position themselves for the future of outpatient services as 17 different specialties are offered by 22 different providers.

Providence Medical Center will also be remodeling their entire surgery department.

“That is pretty much original, from the original construction in 1975,” Frank mentioned. “So, it’s time to update that space as well as all of the mechanical, heating, ventilating, air conditioning go along with that.”

The first stage, new addition, will take 8-10 months and second stage, being the renovation of the old space about another 14 months.

PMC will also be hosting Chamber Coffee on Friday, June 25 at 10 a.m. during a ground breaking event. More information will be provided at the event about the construction project.

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