President Rames Shares Wayne State College Strategic, Campus Master Plans; Old Lagoon Area Moving Forward With Design Plan

WAYNE – As Wayne State College continues to look into the future, Tuesday evening’s Wayne City Council regularly scheduled meeting also focused on the design of the old lagoon area into recreation.

From council chambers inside City Hall, President Marysz Rames at Wayne State College focused on a new strategic plan along with the campus master plan with a vision for 2030.

Wayne Mayor Cale Giese said some items stuck out to him that would impact the community.

“Wayne State looking again at 6.5% increase in enrollment for next year,” said Mayor Giese. “That’s their goal range, not their stretch goal range. So, their stretch goal range would be about another percent or percent and a half higher than that.”

President Rames added the college is still finalizing their housing plan but want to start with Berry Hall by either completing a renovation/reconfiguration into a 125-bed suite-style residence hall or demo Berry Hall and construct a new suite-style residence hall on campus. Berry Hall currently houses 305 beds.

A public/private partnership could also be added with 200 beds in a suite-style residence hall at the current Alumni House (old campus security building).

Strategic Plan 2022 – 2028.

College Master Plan.


Councilmember Jason Karsky is the Chair for the Stool to Cool Task Force which also involves councilmembers Terri Buck, Jill Brodersen and Nick Muir.

Mayor Giese added the group needs to begin finalizing the old lagoon area and the engineering comes in three stages.

“First it’s you get your data and then you take your concept and match it up with that,” Mayor Giese added. “Then it’s we get actual information as to here’s where the drainage areas will be and here’s where we need to move dirt. Then the last step would be you have roads that need to go in, let’s get those engineered to be actually designed.”

Council approved the base level phase one through Olsson for $28,650 and will have city staff prepare costs for dirt work and elevation to vote on during the next meeting. Cost estimates were between $20,000 – $25,000 stated by Seth Lange, Landscape Architect.

The design would come back to council for formal approval by August.

Along with a lake, camping sites and planning for future youth recreation growth is what the Task Force is focusing on.

Action items were approved for a Liquor License Manager Application from Joshua C Sievers for the Cobblestone Hotel along with a Class Z (Micro Distillery) liquor license for Johnnie Byrd Brewing Company.

A $315,000 Community Development Block Grant will be utilized for Owner-Occupied Housing. So far, a list of 10 people has inquired through the Wayne Community Housing Development Corporation (WCHDC). This is a no-match grant with no city funds going in as 10 houses will be rehabilitated.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, May 17 at 5:30 p.m.


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