Portable Communications Tower Bid Approved, Road Permit Information Addressed

WAYNE – Following a short recess to Tuesday morning’s regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting, board members approved a portable communications tower on trailer bid.

From the Wayne County Courthouse second floor meeting room, Wayne County Emergency Manager, Nic Kemnitz opened four bids that ranged from $49,914.01 to $74,875. After going through the information, Kemnitz came back to the board to approve the bid from Integrated Tower Systems from Tulsa, Oklahoma for the price of $67,803 with an approximate deliver of 35 days.

The two lower bids didn’t meet county specifications.

A pair of updates were also provided to the board pertaining to a fiber optic line being buried in the county right-of-way and Haystack Wind Energy Project.

Mike Stansburry with Bauer Underground stated the purpose to boar fiber optics was to be a back-up line for Allo Communications.

Mark Casey, Highway Superintendent in Wayne County, received the road permit on March 3 and wanted to bring the information to the board. The fiber would be buried on 846th road up to 855th road along 577th avenue which would involve nine miles north to south and one mile east to west. With several utilities being buried along 577, county officials would like Bauer Underground to work within three feet of the grass line in the road as the county can roll the gravel back.

Bauer Underground was also comfortable with a bond which could be based on an ‘X’ amount per mile.

The board will approve the permits during their next meeting in three weeks with more information being included. Work would begin as soon as Bauer Underground is given the green light and the ground is drier.

Since it’s been a couple months on an update for the Haystack Wind Energy project, the group came back and went over the haul routes as well as hill cuts. The company was making a lot of progress last week with the warmer temperatures.

Towers are expected to be finishing their delivers by October 8.

Doug Elting with Berggren Architects provided pricing for gutters to be installed above the east and south entrances. The board approved the change order of $8,836 for gutter work as the group wanted to get the work completed while the lift was on the courthouse property. Once the final punch list items are complete, Berggren Architect will be ready for final approval of the project.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be Tuesday, April 6.