Policy Reviews And Second Readings For Elementary And High School Handbooks Discussed At School Board Meeting

WAYNE – The Wayne School Board met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, July 8th. The Board had their annual hearing and review of some of the school’s policies. Policies that were discussed include; anti-bullying, student fees, homeless, parental involvement, and SPED.

Second readings of the student handbooks were reviewed and discussed. The only significant change regarded the tobacco policy. An addition was made to recognize the use of electronic nicotine devices. Vaping has become popular and Superintendent Dr. Mark Lenihan wanted to ensure everything was spelled out and covered correctly in the handbooks.

There are some changes in the requirements of the Committee on American Civics. They used to only have to meet once a year but with new regulations they must now meet twice a year. This Committee observes how the school deals with Americanism within the curriculum and how national holidays that involve American civics are celebrated appropriately. There are new requirements within this committee that Dr. Lenihan says will be tackled this year.

Dr. Lenihan also gave a budget update at the meeting along with announcing that they received their annual accreditation from the state. August 14th will be the first half day of school for students. The next regularly scheduled School Board meeting will be set for August 12th.