Pokémon Go Spurs Parking Policy Change

Pokémon Go Spurs Parking Policy Change
Dr. Lauri Zink presents her parking request to the Wayne City Council Tuesday.

WAYNE – The Wayne City Council held their first March meeting Tuesday night and discussed a myriad of issues. Liquor license and parking changes, Council retreat goals and property transfers were discussed.

Steve Meyer received a waiver to move a building onto his property without needing a statement from a certified engineer. Meyer will be moving a building roughly three quarters of a mile onto his property and will be working with the City to ensure it can be done at a time to have minimal impact on traffic.

Megan Weaver, Director of Wayne Community Housing Corporation, reported that she and Wayne Area Economic Development Director, Luke Virgil, had met with several businesses about committing funds for Wayne’s LB518 application. LB518 would give communities up to $1 million for workforce housing. The issue will come up again at the second March meeting where Weaver and Virgil will share any committed businesses with the Council.

Video game Pokémon Go is partially responsible for a traffic code change around the Wayne Veterinary Clinic. Pokémon players have been parking around the Vet Clinic making it difficult for employees and patients to get into the parking lot, according to Dr. Lauri Zink. The Council approved turning the west side of Thorman Street into a no parking zone. While avid gamers may have brought on the issue, because of the area’s heavy semi traffic, it’s a change that should have been made anyway, according to City Administrator Wes Blecke.

“It’s a bigger issue than that,” Blecke said. “They (the Council) talked about how really this is fairly industrial in nature.”

Casey’s General Store petitioned the Council to change their liquor license from class B, allowing only off-sale beer purchases, to class D. The change would allow Casey’s to sell beer, liquor and wine. The Council approved unanimously.

The Council quickly approved the goals set at the retreat in February. The goals were separated into one-year and five-year plans. The one-year goals included Bressler Park improvements, Old Pool uses and ADA sidewalk improvements. Before approval, the Council added deciding the fate of the Girl Scout cabin to the one-year goal list.

“It’s in tough shape. It needs some major renovations to it or it needs to be razed, and I don’t know which way it’s going to go but we have to be sensitive to the Girl Scouts as well,” Blecke said.

Lots 22, 23 and 24 on block 10, College Hill addition were approved for sale to the Community Redevelopment Authority and an amendment to the municipal code adding that the Water Commissioner can approve the location of the water line of a newly constructed building was approved.

The next Wayne City Council meeting will be March 20th at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.