PMC Foundation To Present $20,000 Check To Providence Medical Center For Ambulance Fundraiser

WAYNE – A check presentation is scheduled for Thursday, August 20 for an ambulance fundraiser.

Providence Medical Center has continued to relax some of their rules as they now have a greeter at the front door. Temperatures and COVID questions will continue to be asked as PMC is taking visits patient-by-patient.

Foundation and Marketing Director with PMC, Melissa Nelsen said the hospital is looking to completely open the doors as patients currently have to press the button before being screened by the nurse’s station staff.

“We’re calling them greeters/screeners, we’re posting them closer to the door,” said Nelsen. “We’re hoping that will help with our visitors experience and our patients experience. So, baby steps toward maybe a little bit more open doors for visitors.”

The purpose of the PMC Foundation is to support the mission of the hospital through fundraising and donor acquisition. Nelson added their longest standing fundraiser where about 25 teams would attend was a golf outing for 20 years.

“Primarily in the past what we did to raise funds was to host events such as our annual golf tournament,” Nelsen added. “Years ago, that started out as a pro-am and it changed into a four-person scramble.

Money raised from the golf tournament in year’s past ranged from $5,000 – $8,000. This year, the foundation board decided to change things up and host another event in December instead of the golf tournament but has since been called off due to COVID.

Nelson mentioned it kind of depends each year and what the foundation is trying to raise money for.

“Last year we raised money for a smart curved mammogram paddle,” Nelsen mentioned. “So it just was kind of some equipment that was attached to our mammogram machine that made mammograms a little bit more comfortable. We really did a great job raising funds to cover the costs of that and those are in use at the hospital right now.”

This year, the foundation chose to raise money for a new ambulance. Board members with the foundation will be presenting a $20,000 check to PMC during a check presentation Thursday evening. Almost $80,000 has been raised from 42 private donors and the foundation contribution with a goal to purchase the ambulance in the first quarter of 2021.

Contact the PMC Foundation Office at 402-375-7922 with any questions about how to support the hospital or a number of other funds managed by the foundation.

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