PMC Foundation Board Gathers For Check Presentation, Assisting With Ambulance Fundraiser

PMC Foundation Board Gathers For Check Presentation, Assisting With Ambulance Fundraiser
Pictured l-r: Ron Wriedt (Ambulance EMT); Kent Pulfer; Matt Ley; Jim Frank (CEO); Melissa Nelsen (Foundation Director); Craig Walling; Bill Claybaugh (Carroll); Rod Hunke; June Erwin (Dixon); Luke Virgil; Marcile Thomas; Alan Harms (Wisner); Lisa Clausen (PMC Director EMS) and Mark Tietz (Ambulance EMT & Maintenance Director). Not pictured: Shelly Harder, Galen Wiser and Janene (Ginger) Nelson


WAYNE – Following a $20,000 check presentation from the Providence Medical Center Foundation to PMC for their ambulance fundraiser, the group is one step closer in purchasing a new ambulance.

PMC is raising money to replace their oldest ambulance being a 1996 model.

CEO with Providence Medical Center, Jim Frank said their goal is $200,000.

“So, it’s going on 25 years old,” said Frank. “We try and replace them every seven or eight years so we have a good mix. Our last ambulance we purchased was in 2014, so again it’s been about seven years.”

Following Friday’s check presentation, PMC is at about $80,000. Director of PMC Foundation, Melissa Nelsen will also be working towards raising more money to get closer to the $200,000 amount.

Many of the PMC Foundation Board members were in attendance for the check presentation which took place in front of the new building which will be storing the transfer ambulances.

PMC has two transfer ambulances in the garage by the hospital as there are some other plans for that current structure just off Providence Road.

Frank added what is in the current structure near the trail.

“Mainly just storage for hospital,” Frank added. “Mark (Tietz), our maintenance supervisor has a lot of old equipment, wood supplies, pretty much anything that we may need at some point is pulled out here for storage.”

The group then took a photo with new mannequins that were purchased by the Foundation to be used in the hospital.

Jodie Thompson is a certified CPR instructor as the board took a photo with the adult and child mannequins. PMC is one of three American Heart Association training centers in northeast Nebraska.

AHA requires mannequins with feedback devices during CPR classes as the previous mannequins had clicker feedback devices that clicked when compressing the chest hard enough. The new electronic QCPR monitors blue tooth to an APP and each mannequin shows the student they are pressing hard enough, good chest recoil is happening and the speed that is compressing as well as successful breaths that are given. These new mannequins will help students be better at administering CPR when the time comes in a real situation.

“We appreciate everything the Foundation has done over the years,” Frank mentioned. “They’ve been very generous. They’ve helped us with our last construction project and then several pieces of equipment throughout the year. Just want to thank them for all their efforts.”

It’s been a long spring and summer with the COVID-19 pandemic as PMC is open back to regular business but there are some changes. Patients will be screened, asked to wear a mask and not come in if they’ve had COVID symptoms in the past few weeks.

For more information, contact Foundation and Marketing Director at PMC, Melissa Nelsen at 402-375-7922 or email Also, visit for further details.