Pink Patch Project To Honor, Support Breast Cancer Fighters

Pink Patch Project To Honor, Support Breast Cancer Fighters
Courtesy of NSP.

LINCOLN – Throughout the month of October, troopers with the Nebraska State Patrol will be joining law enforcement agencies across the country for another year of the Pink Patch project.

According to a release from NSP, this project is designed to honor and support those fighting breast cancer. The effort coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

The Pink Patch project is a national effort in which many law enforcement officers wear a pink version of their agency’s shoulder patch. This is the fourth year that NSP has participated.

NSP officials are proud to participate once again in this project as millions across the United States are fighting breast cancer every day. This coordinated effort by law enforcement agencies sends a powerful message that everyone supports and honors those fighting cancer.

In October, troopers have the option to replace the standard NSP patch with a pink patch. NSP’s pink patch features the NSP emblem in pink and black.

Pink NSP patches are available for purchase by NSP civilian employees and members of the public at local NSP offices and online. All proceeds from sales of the pink NSP patches will benefit research and treatment of breast cancer. Follow NSP on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more details on how to purchase the pink patches or order them online.