Pine Heights Road & Utility Improvements Project Updates Provided, City Of Wayne Agreement With Northeast Power Approved With Wording Change

WAYNE – Several discussion items took up most of the regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting Tuesday night.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, council addressed three agenda items pertaining the “Pine Heights Road & Utility Improvements Project”.

The project is complete with an official Substantial Completion date as of November 19.

Another item pertained to a change order with roughly $16,000 coming back to the City of Wayne before taking action on a payment to Myers Construction, Inc. One more final payment will be made next meeting. Council will then discuss on what to do with the project being 14 days behind schedule if any liquated damages will be assessed.

Mayor Cale Giese said this will be an interesting discussion with how to react to contractors when they run late.

“The most important job, of course, is that they get the job done and correctly,” said Giese. “You don’t want to be unfriendly to contractors because you want more contractor to work in your city, you want them to bid on projects so that you get the lowest bid and these people were very good to work with.”

Mayor Giese is going to have the council look more at the quality of the work.

Councilmembers made some changes in an agreement between the City of Wayne and Northeast Power.

Big Rivers (BREC) has hedges in place to minimize purchase risks for both Northeast Power and City of Wayne, but that leaves out February of 2022. Due to the “Polar Vortex” this past February, Northeast Power approached the City of Wayne with this agreement.

The word of ‘shall give them first right’ was changed to ‘may give them first right’ before being approved.

Blecke added the City of Wayne controls what they want to do but also wants to be good neighbors.

“If the price of the market is outlandishly high, we have a financial incentive to sell to the market and not to Northeast directly,” Blecke added. “If that is kind of teetering on well it’s not that much more to get it out of the market, it makes sense to be that friendly neighbor and to sell to Northeast. Even though we’d be losing potential profit margin, we’d be helping out the neighbor.”

The City of Wayne can generate their own power but would like to avoid running their generators them unless testing.

Also, a state bid was locked in for a 2022 pickup truck for the Park and Recreation Department in the amount of $36,023. Arnie’s Ford in Wayne stated with the supply chain up in the air, the dealer doesn’t know when it would be delivered or if the price would change. This would replace a 1991 vehicle.

Councilmembers also amended their wage and salary schedule which includes a 3% cost of living increase which was approved in the budget. This would go into effect with the first payroll period in January of 2022.

Towards the end of the meeting councilmembers continued to explore the possibility of moving to at-large council seats. The City of Wayne is currently divided into four wards with two representatives for each ward. Discussion has been brought up the past few meetings of changing to a ward and at-large system, so representatives don’t have to be tied to where they live. No action was made.

An annexation town hall meeting has also been set for Tuesday, December 21 from the Wayne Senior Center as part of the regular meeting starting at 5:30 p.m. No decision will be made but to gain input from the public and council to discuss.

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