Pictometry Flights Approved, Cash Accepted In Place Of Road Bond For Haystack Wind Project

WAYNE – Over the next four years, a pair of Pictometry flights will take place across northeast Nebraska with a higher resolution than before.

From the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom, the Board of Commissioners held their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday morning.

County Assessor, Dawn Duffy brought back more information about a Pictometry Agreement. A couple other counties will join Wayne County and the City of Wayne reducing the price to $67,020 per flight, which is a little over $4,000 in savings. Two flights are scheduled, one in 2021 and another in 2024 which will mainly happen in the spring. If another county were to get involved, the price could be amended.

The City of Wayne will contribute a portion of money to cover their cost of the Pictometry Flight as these flights have gone up on imagery with a higher resolution. The information can also be accessed by the public when visiting the GIS website.

Commissioners then addressed the annual TRANE Service Agreement for the HVAC system. Maintenance is for the unit and furnace as the price did increase about 3% but with the county paying the fee ahead, they received a 3% prepayment discount. The cost approved was $8,718.

Tradewind is in the process of being bought out by Orsted as the company submitted roughly $2.4 million for security instead of a road bond for the Haystack Wind project. This will make it easier when the companies finalize their deal so they don’t have to transfer a bond over. County Commissioners were fine with this as long as the money goes into an interest-bearing account to build interest that Wayne County would keep. More information will be brought forward in November.

Building project updates were then provided pertaining to the Courthouse Restoration project. Doug Elting with Berggren Architects will be in town this week to go through a punch list of items that are complete or still need work. Wayne County has paid $1.65 million and their next payment is $80,000. The remaining bill is roughly $300,000 with $200,000 being the 10% retainment fee that’ll be held back.

Townships in Butler County also purchased the Bonnell Road Drag from Wayne County for $6,150.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, November 3 at 9 a.m.