Phase 1 Of The Artesian Pressure Mitigation Plan Approved For Willow Creek Dam

NORFOLK – The Willow Creek Dam High Artesian Pressure Mitigation Project was approved for Phase 1. This was decided at the December meeting of the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District’s (LENRD) Board of Directors.

HDR Engineering will head the project design. Costs will not exceed $50,032 according to the contract. The expected total cost of the project is $307,970. The High Hazard Potential Dam (HHPD) grant will cover $170,000 of the project.

The board approved a bid for some new audio and video equipment for the board room. A research project for assessing nitrogen contamination in Northeast Nebraska was approved. The board came to an agreement with a media company to help raise awareness for nitrate use and contamination.

The LENRD board and staff meet each month to develop and implement management plans for the area’s natural resources. To see the full report from December’s meeting or for additional information, visit