Paving Project Discussion, Wind Energy Decommissioning Plan Approved

WAYNE – The Wayne County Board of Commissioners opened their month of April with a regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday morning.

Board members heard a proposal taking place in the near future from the courtroom of the Wayne County Courthouse.

Virgil Kardell approached the commissioners with Joel Hansen, Street & Planning Director on hand. Kardell was looking at turning approximately 75 acres of land towards the northeast side of town into houses, townhomes and apartments. Just under a mile of county roads would need to be paved that are currently gravel.

The location is adjacent to the City of Wayne between East 14th and East 21st Streets alongside Centennial Road and would be looking to pave roads. There are currently 10 houses in the area with the rest of the land being farmed.

Preliminary numbers, subject to change, provided by Kardell could see 57 townhomes, 91 single family homes, 11 large (up to two acres) single family homes and apartment complexes built in the area. The concerns of culverts were brought up for the number of driveways along with City water and sewer be placed to each location.

Commissioners mentioned they would talk about placing this on their one/six-year list next February and Hansen said the City of Wayne would do the same to start the discussion. Kardell plans on providing more information to the county if needed.

David Levy then talked to the commissioners about approving the decommission plan for the Sholes Wind project. An updated contract was sent into the county to view Tuesday morning which is similar to the Cottonwood project NextEra did in Webster County. The board approved the plan subject to receiving the engineer plan which will be around a 10-page document with the order of decommissioning.

Engineers would take the difference of decommission from the salvage value and will update the number, but provide an estimate in the document.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be Tuesday, April 16 at 9 a.m.