Parade Of Waves Event Scheduled For Tuesday, Community Window Walk/Drive March 29-30 Theme Is Silly Faces

WAYNE – Officials with Wayne Countryview Care and Rehabilitation are calling all homebound community members to come together during a late March event.

According to the ‘Hot Topics’ email from the Wayne Area Economic Development, a ‘Parade of Waves’ will be held on Tuesday, March 31 at 1 p.m.

Residents at Wayne Countryview Care and Rehabilitation will be watching for waves, honks, signs and more from the sidewalk or their windows. Wayne Countryview Care and Rehabilitation is located at 811 East 14th St.

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Also, residents and businesses in Wayne are being asked to continue to participate in the Wayne Community Window Walk/Drive. Feel free to put things in your windows, sidewalk chalk driveways, put signs in your yard or any way for families to have some fun.

Parents with kids at home can take a walk or go for a drive to see how many items they can find.

March 29 – 30 will be silly faces, March 31 – 1 being jokes and April 2 – 3 with spring eggs. Last week began with a bear hunt (March 23 – 24), flowers (March 25 – 26) and encouraging words (March 27 – 28).