Pac N Save Employee Tests Positive For Coronavirus Disease, Infection Was Not Contracted From Store

WAYNE – Over the weekend Pac N Save issued a statement letting the community know that an employee recently tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the release, Pac N Save is working closely with the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department (NNPHD) to investigate the situation as well as taking steps that Providence Medical Center personnel has recommended. The infection originated in another community, according to store manager Adam Endicott.

“That employee has not worked in over a week and did not contract the virus at Pac N Save,” said Endicott. “It was traced to another location. But we just want to kind of put everybody at ease that we’ve been working hand-in-hand with Julie with the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department.”

The grocery store employee was using good social distancing precautions, was wearing a face mask to protect others and has not worked since symptoms started. Close contacts who may have been exposed to the virus have been identified and are being advised of quarantine or isolation.

Endicott talked about the precautions Pac N Save has been doing before an employee tested positive for COVID-19 to keep everyone safe and that the store is doing these more often now.

“All of our employees will be wearing face masks (and) all of our employees are getting their temperatures taken,” Endicott added. “So, I know this is kind of a scary time but I just want everybody to know that we’re doing absolutely everything we can here. Our constant wiping down of common use items (such as) handles, the touch pads for the credit card readers and all those areas.”

Pac N Save has always considered every employee and community member as family as they are dedicated to the safety of the community of Wayne and surrounding communities.

Based on CDC guidance, the health department has determined that exposure from the positive employee to the community is low risk.

“So, we’re still open for business,” Endicott mentioned. “That being said if you don’t feel comfortable coming into the store, please do not hesitate to call. We’re still doing deliveries; we’re still doing call orders and we’ll run it out to your vehicle. The same that we’re doing ever since this all started.”

Pac N Save is located at 1115 West 7th street and is open every day from 7:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.

For grocery carry-out, call Pac N Save at 402-375-1202. There is a two-dollar charge per customer for delivery or pick-up. Delivery in Wayne is Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. until noon; in the village of Carroll (fire station) Wednesday’s at 4 p.m. and in Wakefield (school parking lot) Friday’s at 4 p.m.

For delivers in Carroll and Wakefield, orders will need to be in by 4 p.m. the day prior.