Opinions Brought Up During Old Swimming Pool Town Hall Meeting

WAYNE – This past Monday at 7 p.m. the city of Wayne held a Town Hall Meeting at the old pool park on Lincoln St. Approximately 25 people showed up to the meeting to discuss improvements to the old swimming pool park.

Those attending voiced opinions in front of the group as well as City Administrator Wes Blecke.

“The biggest takeaway from the group is that they had two major improvements that they would like to see up there,” said Blecke. “One being to install a splash pad, as well as building renovations to the old pool house.”

Those results will go in front of City Council on Tuesday, August 21 where a resolution will be reached. If City Council decides to move forward, the next step is applying for a grant to the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

“If they approve the resolution to apply for the funding that will happen, not saying we’re guaranteed in the funding but that will be one step closer,” said Blecke. “Or if they decide we don’t have the match, because there is a match included in this funding, if we don’t have the match or if we don’t want to prioritize that match at this point, then they will just defeat the resolution and the funding will not be applied at least for this year.”

The Land and Water Conservation Fund has been funded since 1964.  Blecke assumes it will be appropriated again through the Federal Government next year as another opportunity as well.