One Down, Two To Go For Mike Flood In 1st Congressional District

NORFOLK – On Tuesday, May 10, Republican voters in Nebraska’s First Congressional District selected State Senator Mike Flood from Norfolk to run in the November 8 General Election.

Flood had 4 opponents on the ballot, including former Congressman Jeff Fortenberry who was ineligible to run because he had resigned the office. Flood took away over 76% of the votes – leaving his competitors in the dust. We asked Flood if that’s the outcome he expected.

“Well, I was really pleased with what the final vote tallies were. I wasn’t expecting that, but I do believe that it shows that the message that I had about combating inflation resonates people.”

Senator Flood talked about how he was able to do as well as he did in the primary.

“Well hard work. January 16, we kicked off this campaign and I have crisscrossed the first congressional district every which way to Sunday. Whether it’s our larger cities like Lincoln, Norfolk and Fremont or smaller cities, anything from, Seward to the smallest of small cities. Bee, Nebraska, I’ve been just about everywhere, and it’s been a great experience.”

Last week’s election was a primary with only Republican opponents. But there are two more elections in Flood’s future – the first being a Special Election to fill the seat vacated by Jeff Fortenberry.

“June 28 is a very important day in the first congressional district. So, if you’re listening to this and you’re in Madison, Stanton, Cuming County, you need to know that June 28 is going to be a day where there’s only one issue on the ballot. That is who should fill the vacant seat in the first Congress seat. And right now, it’s vacant. Congressman Fortenberry resigned and we need to get people out to the polls and make sure that we get people to vote.”

Flood’s democrat opponent both on June 28 and in November will be Patty Pansing Brooks, a Nebraska State Senator from Lincoln. Flood added how his campaign strategy will change in the upcoming Special and November General Elections.

“Senator Patty Pansing Brooks and I have significant differences. I’m pro-life, she’s supported by the state’s largest abortion provider. I have an A rating with the NRA and she has an F minus.  I’ve got the endorsement of the US Chamber of Commerce and the Nebraska Farm Bureau and the cattlemen. And I think that tells the story about why I’m the better choice for, especially this northern end of the legislative district.”

Flood shared a message for voters in the First Congressional District prior to the two upcoming elections.

“A campaign is not about one person. It’s about a set of ideas and taking those ideas to the United States Congress. And there have been so many people on this journey. I just want them to know no matter what role they played, whether it was just introducing me to people or getting the chance to talk with them at an event or even making a contribution to my campaign, all of it matters and they matter. I look forward to earning everyone’s vote and representing the first Congressional District in Congress.”

If Mike Flood wins the Special Election on June 28, he would be immediately sworn in to fulfill the unexpired term of Jeff Fortenberry until next January. A third win, in November, would elect him for a full 2-year congressional term beginning in January of 2023.