NSP Officials Making Sure Nebraskans Are Aware Of Winter Driving Season, Provide 100 MPH Speeding Citation Information

LINCOLN – With the temperature starting to drop back down from last week, the winter weather driving season approaches.

According to a release from the Nebraska State Patrol, troopers are urging drivers to prepare before the winter weather strikes.

That preparation includes eliminating dangerous driving habits, such as excessive speeding.

This year has been unique on Nebraska roads, with big swings in traffic volume and a major increase in excessive speeding across the state. As the winter months are upon us, it’s critical that drivers stay prepared for adverse driving conditions, follow posted speed limits, eliminate distractions and only drive as fast as conditions allow.

Troopers continue to report excessive speeding across the state in numbers that far exceed recent years. From January through October of 2020, troopers issued 902 citations for motorists traveling at or above 100 miles per hour. The five-year average of 2015-2019 for the same time period was 538 such citations.

2020 has seen a 68% increase in 100 MPH speeding citations over the previous five-year average, with every month of 2020 above the monthly average of the previous five years.

Much of the state is expected to get a glimpse of winter weather early in the week. While this event won’t bring several inches of snow, it’s important that motorists get in the right mindset. If there’s ice or snow to take it slow.